Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Party Pics

We started the party with a little circle of chairs, and it grew at least
"three sizes that day"... actually more like 10!

There were some very memorable moments: Brandon Smith (who recently found out they are expecting a little one) opened up a pregnancy test and some popcorn and exclaimed, "This is perfect! Find out your pregnant and then... of course... make popcorn!"

Amanda Roberts opened up what appeared to be an empty box with a little piece of tissue. "oh nice..." she says as she lifts up the paper, then to her horror there was a cute little black and white spotted MOUSE! Needless to say, she dropped the box and ran. Cute Celeste Bowler loved it and ended up trading to get the pet mouse.

From ugly blue tea kettle antiques, to obvious wedding re-gifts... There are plenty of moments to add to the list, so please comment your memorable moment if you have the urge!

Ryan and Chelsie and Jezebelle Nielson
Niccole and Geoffrey Demke

Gina and Daryl Anderson

Brother and Sister McArthur

Josh and Jennica Woodbury

Kortney and Jeff Kupfor

Eric and Taylor Davis

Ryan and Heidi Hunt

Zach, Kayla and Charlaine Heideman

Bro/ Sis Watkins; Kara and Brandon Smith

Karen and Celeste Bowler

Rob and Lacee Houston

Jeremy, Hadley and Megan Young

Carson, Rikki and Lincoln McKim

Gary and Megan Schaugaard

Darrin and Aliese Fry; Bob and Melea Shelline

Ashley, Sophie and Justin Harmon

Jennifer and Josh Kastleman