Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super Saturday

This Saturday, May 15th from 11-1:00... Bring your spouse!

Meet at the church for a day of-
  • learning cool new stuff
  • eating yummy shish kabobs, and
  • serving others!
We'll have a quick welcome in the gym and then break off into classes taught by... your fellow ward members! You'll get a chance to attend 4 different classes:

Session 1                       11:15-11:35

Apartment Gardening               Room 1

Relief Society History               Room 2

Music Essentials (Organ and Flute)    Chapel

Elders Quorum History            Room 3

First Aid                                  Room 4

Session 2                      11:40-12:00

Apartment Gardening                          Room 1

Relief Society History                          Room 2

Elders Quorum History                        Room 3

Basic Guitar                                         Room 4

Dutch Oven                                         Patio

The Perfect Golf and Tennis Swing       TBA

                       …..    QUICK LUNCH    …..

Session 3                  12:20- 12:40

First Aid                                    Room 1

Basic Crocheting                       Room 2

Baking Bread                            Room 3

Basic Guitar                              Room 4

Vegetarian Cooking                  Room 5

Music Essentials (Conducting etc.)     Chapel

Session 4 12:45-1:00

Basic Crocheting                      Room 2

Baking Bread                           Room 3

The Perfect Golf and Tennis Swing (TBA)

Dutch Oven                             Patio

Line Dancing                           Relief Society Room

We are in need for some Handsome Men to cook our shish kabobs. If you know of anyone that could handle this task, please let your local Eler's Quorum President know.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Money-saving tips

Trying to figure out a way to get ahead and save for... a house? Pay off student loans? Just be able to relax and not stress about money?

Here is a compilation of some of the ideas shared at our fun Relief Society meeting in April.